Verify Smart Folder Data in Project Documents

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2016 06:23PM PST

Summary: Data in both the Chemistry and Biology Smart Folders can be verified either at the time the file is uploaded or later.

Chemistry data verification requires uploading either SDF or text-formatted files. Biology data verification requires uploading Excel template files.

Unless verification is manually bypassed at the time a file is uploaded, the verification process will automatically start when the file is loaded into the Smart Folder, and an email will be sent to the user within 5 to 10 minutes.

After the file data is verified, an icon will be displayed in Project Documents next to the file to indicate the status.

Icon Status
project_documents_valid_status_icon.png Valid – The validation was successful (without errors or warnings) and the file can now be registered.

Warning – The file contains data that is unfamiliar or unusual.

Although this file can be registered, review the validation email to ensure the current data is intended for use in ScienceCloud.

Error – A critical error was discovered in the file, and it needs to be resolved before the file can be used in ScienceCloud.

Review the validation email to identify and locate the errors.

It is also necessary to export (download) the file in question from Project Documents, because the errors are inserted inside the file. After correcting the errors, re-import the file into the Smart Folder so it can be validated again.

Note: If the corrected file uses a different name, the file with errors in it should be removed. If the corrected file uses the same name as the one with errors, when the corrected version is uploaded, the original error file will be overwritten with the new file, and the new file will be the one available in Project Documents.
project_documents_processing_status_icon.png Processing – Validation has started and is in progress. This icon is also displayed to indicate that a file is in the process of being registered in the database.

See Also: For further details about data verification, see the attached ScienceCloud Project Documents User Guide.


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