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Last Updated: Jan 31, 2016 06:19PM PST

Summary: Project Documents supports different file formats depending on the type of folder where they are copied. Files are added to projects by uploading them to ScienceCloud.

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Supported File Formats

Any file that a user wants to store can be added to a folder, including formats for files used in applications outside of ScienceCloud. Similar to a folder in My Documents on a Windows computer, this can be any file type, (for example, (.doc, .txt, .xls, .pdf, and .xml).

Biology Smart Folders are specifically looking for Excel (.xls) files, and Chemistry Smart Folders are specifically looking for text (.txt) or SD (.sdf) files.

Upload Files

  • To add files to a project, they need to be uploaded. Each file uploaded can be a maximum of 1,500 MB in size.
  • One or multiple files can be uploaded at the same time. For Chemistry and Biological Smart Folders, the files can be verified when they are added to the project.

To upload a file:

  1. Select the folder that should contain the new file and click Upload.
  2. Click Browse to navigate and select the file.
  3. Select the options appropriate for the kind of file to add. The follow table describes the options in more detail.   
To Do this
Import a standard file Select Document (the default) as the file type.
Import a file into a Biology Smart Folder

Select or clear the following checkboxes:

  • Only verify biological template file(s)
Allow loading of duplicate records
Import a file into a Chemistry Smart Folder

Select or clear the following checkboxes:

  • Only verify chemical file(s)
  • Update chemical data
  • Check existing structures
Validate chemistry structures
  1. (Optional) To add more than one file, click Browse, and select the additional file(s). Repeat for each file to upload to the project.
  2. When all files to add are selected, click Upload.


  • To remove a file, click to the right of the file (not on the filename) and click Delete.
  • To export a file, select the check box for the file to export and then click Export.
  • Files can be moved to different folders, provided the destination folder does not contain a file with the same name. Select the file to move and then click Move. Select the new location in the dialog that opens.  

See Also: For details on options available when uploading different file types, see the attached ScienceCloud Project Documents User Guide.


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