Create Haptic Bonds with Pipette Sketcher

Last Updated: Oct 10, 2015 04:50PM PDT

Summary: Hapticity is the coordination of a ligand to a metal center via an uninterrupted and contiguous series of atoms. Pipette Sketch allows haptic bonds to be easily formed.

The most widely known example of haptic compound is ferrocene:


Drawing Ferrocene

Task Details
Start with an iron atom. ppt_fe.png
Attach two cyclopentane ligands. ppt_ligands.png
Convert the Fe-C bonds to haptic using the Switch to Haptic Bond tool. ppt_switch.png
Give the final ferrocene. ppt_ferrocene.png

Drawing Compounds with Partial Hapticity

In situations where only part of the ring is bound to the metal, such as η3-cyclopentadienyl, this can be represented by drawing partial aromaticity in the ring before forming the haptic bond.


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