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Last Updated: Apr 23, 2019 10:41AM PDT

Summary: Pipeline Pilot protocols can be published on the ScienceCloud Protocol Exchange for use by the community. After logging into the Exchange, a wizard is available for completing the required tasks.

Note: Authentication is supported on the Exchange in several ways, depending on user preference. All authentication options are safe and secure, including authenticating with your Linkedin credentials. For further information, see Exchange Authentication.

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The ScienceCloud Protocol Exchange is a site for users to share protocol services that they created in Pipeline Pilot Client. The Exchange fosters the rapid adoption of innovative scientific methods and approaches that are developed by the wider community. Exchange services include those that run in Pipeline Pilot, but also include services that can be deployed in other platform-based applications such as Discovery Studio, Materials Studio, Pipette Analysis, Web Port, and Notebook.

Once a service is posted, a protocol can be rated, reviewed, and commented on by the community. You can share your ideas for new features, suggest better ways of doing something, and ask the protocol authors questions. This interchange between authors and users will quickly raise the quality and diversity of the services that are offered, and bring new ideas, approaches, and solutions to the user community as a whole.

Contributing protocols through the Exchange is fairly straightforward – a wizard is available to guide you through the process.

Prerequisite: The instructions that follow assume you have a ScienceCloud Exchange account and are familiar with how to log on.


Getting Started

Before starting the steps, make sure your protocol is ready for use on the Exchange. A "ready" protocol is one that incorporates the following features:

  • Self-contained – The protocol makes no references to other protocols or components that you are not planning to make available.
  • Properly documented – At a minimum, provide a Summary and Description. Include information that is pertinent to anyone who will download and use your protocol.
  • Keywords – Add keywords to the protocol Description. Keywords are provided by "hashing" words or phrases to use as keywords after the protocol is posted in the Exchange. Examples of a protocol description with keywords that are marked:
    #Clustering is a useful method for grouping #similar #compounds. This protocol shows how to apply #'Bayesian Learning' to a set of clustered compounds.
    Keywords: #''Similarity Searching'
  • Validate – Run the validate function in Pipeline Pilot Professional Client (Tools > Validate Protocol) to find any other issues related to your protocol's configuration that could negatively impact its performance.

Using the Wizard to Share a Protocol

A Share button is displayed on the Exchange Home Page. Use this feature to complete a series of steps to get your protocol ready for sharing on the Exchange.


The following is a brief description of the required steps for protocol sharing on the Exchange:

  1. To start, click the Share button. A wizard is launched that takes you through the steps.
  2. Upload your protocol.
  3. Validate your protocol. If you need to fix anything in your protocol, make the edits in the Professional Client and then restart the Share task on the Exchange.
  4. Provide an appropriate icon for your protocol and any additional keywords that you did not tag in the protocol description.
  5. Upload any additional files that are required by the protocol.
  6. Click Submit. The Exchange Home Page will display your recent contributions.

Your protocol can now be downloaded by the Pipeline Pilot community.

Editing a Previously Uploaded Protocol

To edit a protocol that was added to the Exchange previously, you can download, edit, and then re-upload it using the same name. A new version will be uploaded if the protocol name is identical.

If you upload the protocol using a different name, a new protocol is created on the Exchange and the old one still remains.

To remove a protocol from the Exchange that you previously uploaded, enter a request in


Exchange Authentication

Documenting a Protocol for the Exchange 

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