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Last Updated: Oct 10, 2015 04:39PM PDT

Summary: The Results tab displays a compound ID link that opens a separate browser window with detailed information about compounds, batches, calculated physical chemistry (physchem) properties, analytical data, shipping information, pharmacokinetics (PK) data, and biological and ADMET data.

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Clicking a link will scroll the page to the relevant section.

Compound Details Overview

From the Results tab, click the Compound ID link.


A separate window opens that displays detailed information about the selected compound, including:

  • Compound and batch information
  • Calculated physchem properties
  • Analytical data
  • Shipping information
  • PK data
  • Biological and ADMET data

Note: The information in this window is divided into multiple sections described below.

Compound details view:


To Do this
Expand a section Click [+].
Collapse a section Click [-].
Print all the details about the compound Click Print.
Close the window and return to the Tabular view of results Click Close Window.
Navigate through all windows for each compound

Click the arrow icons (upper-left).


Compound and Batch Details

Information displayed includes details about compounds and batches.

  • Compound – Compound structure and details such as exact mass, molecular weight, molecular formula, etc.
  • Batch – All batches associated with the compound and information associated with the batch. By default, the batch number associated with the selected Compound ID from the Tabular view is highlighted and other batches are also displayed.


  • To view the associated data for additional batches, click the Batch Number.  (For example, "Batch 002MPE001AA1B1 in P027".)
  • To view comments for a record, hover over the boxes with a red triangle in the upper-right.

Calculated Physchem Properties

Information displayed includes calculated physical chemistry properties associated with the selected batch.


Analytical Details

Information displayed includes analytical data associated with the selected batch such as:

  • Sample number
  • Container ID
  • Position
  • Location
  • RT
  • Purity 
  • Quantity
  • Unit Quantity
  • Concentration
  • MS Result
  • MS Found
  • Spectra

Note: The Spectra column provides links to analytical spectra files.


Shipping Details

Information displayed includes shipping data associated with the selected batch such as:

  • Sample
  • Container ID
  • Position
  • External
  • Quantity 
  • Tracking number
  • Ship Date
  • Ship to


PK Details

Information displayed includes pharmacokinetics (PK) data for the selected batch. When a file icon is displayed, it can be clicked to open the associated file containing more information and images.


Bioloical & ADMET Details

Information displayed includes biological data associated with the selected batch such as:

  • Sample number
  • Assay / Type
  • Organism / Descriptor 
  • Test parameter / Time point /dose
  • Test value 
  • Test date / Reporting date
  • Tester / Trial ID 


To view additional details about the assay and organism, click the (i). Available details include:

  • Name 
  • Type
  • Shortname
  • Comment 


To view comments for a record, hover over the boxes with a red triangle in the upper-right.


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