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Last Updated: Oct 10, 2015 04:44PM PDT

Summary: After performing a search, data from the resulting compounds can be exported.

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Getting Started with Exporting

Use the Export feature available in the Results tab to export compounds found in a search.


Available export formats include:

Format Description
SDF Structure Data File (SDF). Data for viewing and modifying in Accord for Excel.
Excel Microsoft Excel file (.xls). Data for viewing, modifying, and printing in Microsoft™ Excel.
Text Text-only file (no structures). Data for viewing and modifying in any text editor.
Pipeline Pilot This feature is available to ScienceCloud users who belong to the Pipeline Pilot group and have access to Web Tasks as an App. When a protocol runs in the app, the results are generated in an output format determined by the protocol. Available output formats include HTML, XLS, PDF, SDF.

Exporting Data

  1. From the search Results tab, click Export. An Export dialog opens for selecting a format.
  2. From the list of available download formats, make a selection.
  3. Click Export. A file in the selected format is saved in the default download folder for the current browser.
  4. Use the available browser features to navigate to the location where the file is saved, so it can be unzipped.


Customizing Fields Included in the Exported Data

  1. From the search Results tab, click Export. An Export dialog opens for selecting a format.
  2. Use the Customize tab to select the fields to include in the exported data (described in the table below).


Export Fields

To Do this
Select a single field

From the list on the left, select the field name and then click Add.

Select multiple fields

Press and hold CTRL to select each field, then click Add.

Modify the custom field name displayed in the list on the right

Click on the name and type the updated name in the text box.

Remove a previously selected field

Select the name from the list on the right and then click Remove.

Save field selections to use as a template for future exports
  1. In the Template dropdown, enter a name.
  2. To save as the default template for all future exports, select the Default checkbox.
  3. Select whether the template should be created for individual use (Private) or shared with other project members (Public).
  4. Click Save.
Delete a template created previously
  1. From the Template dropdown, select the name.
  2. Click Delete.
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