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Last Updated: Oct 10, 2015 04:45PM PDT

Summary: When a search is performed, the Results tab displays the results of that search in a table (tabular view). The Results tab provides many features for getting additional details about the search results. This article provides overall navigation tips.

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Search Results Overview

The Results tab organizes information into the following columns:

  • Structure
  • Compound ID
  • Batch Number
  • External ID
  • Project ID/Library ID
  • Names/External IDs
  • Registered Date
  • Chemist Name

Search results that display each compound as an individual record:


Note: If multiple batches of a single compound meet the search criteria, a compound ID will be displayed more than once. Each compound/batch number is displayed as an individual record.

To Do this
Increase or decrease the number of batch records displayed in each results page

Set the View option to 10, 30, or 50.


  • By default, 10 batch records are displayed per page.
  • The number of Batches and Compounds is adjusted depending on the selected view.
Move between result pages
  • To navigate to a specific page, enter a number in the Page text box.
  • To move between pages, click the arrow buttons (First, Previous, Next, Last).


Change the order of the search results

Make a selection from the Sort By dropdown list. Options include:

  • Relevance (the default)
  • Compound ID
  • Favorite Rating
  • Number of Ratings
  • Number of Comments
  • Registered Date
Assign a rating to a batch

Click the rating icons corresponding to the rating number you want to set (1-5).


Tip: To remove the rating, click Reset my rating.

View a larger image of the structure

Click the structure. A larger image of the structure opens in a separate window.


View detailed information about a compound

Click the Compound ID link. Details about the selected compound are displayed in a separate window.


Tip:For further details, see Searching (Viewing Compound Details).

Select compounds to export or include in a report

Click the checkboxes in the Select column for each compound to include in the report data.


Note: If no checkboxes are selected, then all compounds are included in the report.

View reports for an entire search or selected records Click SAR Table. A separate report window opens for selecting report formats and customizing the output. For further details, see Reports (Basic Techniques).
Save the search results or selected records as a new Hit List Click Save Hit List. A dialog opens for creating the new hit list. For further details, see Hit Lists.
Export all records or selected records Click Export. For further information, see Searching (Exporting Search Results).
Reset all tabs and start a new search Click New Query. The Projects tab is displayed for starting a new query. (All projects and libraries selected from the previous search remain selected in the Projects tab.)
View and add comments about a batch Click View Comments  scloud_search_results_add_comments.png. A dialog opens for viewing and adding comments. For further details, see below.

Viewing and Adding Comments about a Batch

  1. To add a new comment about a batch, enter text in Add comment.
  2. (Optional) To upload an external file for use with a comment, click File and select the filename.
  3. (Optional) To associate a web page with a comment, click Link and enter the URL.
  4. Click Submit.
Comments dialog:


Tip: To remove a comment, click Delete comment. (Comments can be removed by the user who added them and by any user with administrative permissions for the project).

Basic Searching:

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Searching (Advanced Query Techniques)  |  Searching (Query Management)

Search Results:

Search Results (Viewing Compound Details)  |  Search Results (Exporting)
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