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Summary: Use the Assay tab to filter information based on biological assay factors such as Assay name, Organism, etc. Searches performed on the Assay tab can be independent of searches performed on the Projects and Structure tabs.

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Searching with Biological Assay Parameters

  1. Fill in the appropriate fields with criteria based on the desired outcome of the search. For details, see the table below.
  2. Click Submit Search to start the search.

Assay Search Parameters

Search Parameter Search is based on Description




One or more selected projects, assays, organisms

At least one project, assay, or organism combination must be selected as a search parameter.


  • If a project is selected, all assays and organisms within that project are automatically selected.
  • To narrow the search, make selections at the assay level.
  • If an assay is selected, all organisms within it are automatically selected, in addition to the project that contains the assay.
  • For further filtering, individual organisms within an assay can be selected.
  • If an organism is selected, the project and assay that contain the organism are automatically selected.
Test Parameter Test parameter To select multiple test parameters for a single search, press and hold CTRL while clicking the other parameters.
Value (unit) Test value and/or unit


< less than
<= less than or equal to
> greater than
>= greater than or equal to
= equal to
between Use between to indicate a range of values. Select a lower value and an upper value with this operator.

Test value unit options:

  • day
  • %
  • Hr*ug/mL
  • ug/mL
  • uM
  • ug/ml
  • hr
  • none
  • L/kg/hr
Test Date Test date

Use the calendar feature to automatically select a date. Or manually enter a date in the format DD-MMM-YYYY.

Use between to indicate a date range (select a Start Date and End Date with this operator).

Reporting Date Import date of biological data
Trial ID Trial ID (also called SOP on Biological Templates) Manually enter an entire Trial ID or a partial one using % as a wildcard search.
Tester Name Name of tester To select multiple testers, press and hold CTRL and click each name.
Comment Test comments Use the wildcard % to search for partial comments.
Dose (unit) Dose value and/or unit


See the description above for Value (unit).

Dose unit options:

  • mg/kg
  • Unknown

Timepoint unit options:

  • adm days
  • none

Searching with Multiple Search Parameters

If multiple search options are used on the Assay tab, the only results that are returned are those that meet all of the multiple conditions. For example, selecting the following options:

Option Value
Project P027 - Malaria in vitro>P. falciparum
Test Parameter IC50
Value (unit) <1

The search will return only those compounds that were tested in the Malaria in vitro>P. falciparum Assay with a test parameter of IC50 and a Value less than 1. The results should show 159 batches.

Assay search criteria:


Assay search results:


Searching Assays and Organisms across Projects

To search Do this
Assays and organisms in a single project Click the project checkbox beside the project folder.
Assays for one or more projects
  1. Click [+] beside one or more project folders to display a list of all assays for each project.
  2. Select the checkboxes next to those assays that should be included in the search. (This also includes all organisms under each selected assay.)
Organisms for one or more projects
  1. Click [+] beside one or more project folders to display a list of all assays for each project.
  2. Click [+] beside one or more assays to display a list of all organisms under each assay.
  3. Select the checkboxes next to those organisms that should be included in the search. (This also includes all projects and assays that contain that organism.)

Multiple projects and assays used as search criteria:


Basic Searching:

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Search Results:

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