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Last Updated: Oct 10, 2015 04:40PM PDT

Summary: A number of features are available for searching projects and data in ScienceCloud. This article covers basic techniques for getting started with searching.

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Getting Started with Search Features

Use the Project Data Search page to search projects.

  1. From the Apps section on the Home page, click Project Data.
  2. By default, the Search feature is selected from the top menu bar when Project Data is open. Use the tabs (described in the table below) to perform searches.


Search Tabs

Tab Details
Projects Displays all projects you are authorized to access as well as custom Hit Lists (if you generated any).


Structure Lists all chemistry parameters that can be used to filter data.
Assay Lists all biological parameters that can be used to filter data.
Query Provides an area for composing an advanced query.
Note: This feature is only displayed when search criteria has been appended to a query.
Results Displays the results of a search.

Using Multiple Tabs to Search

If different parameters are selected from multiple tabs to perform a search, then searching will be executed based on AND conditions. This means that the only results that are returned are those that meet all of the multiple conditions.

For example, if a search uses the following parameters:

Tab Selection/Configuration
  1. Select the project "P027".
  1. Enter the structure "naphthalene" [scloud_naphthalene_structure.png] in the Structure box.
  2. For Search Type, select "Sub-structure".
  3. For the Purity parameter, specify "BETWEEN 80 and 90".
  4. For the Shipping Date, specify "< 01-JUN-2003".
  1. Select the assay "CYTOTOXICITY".

The results will return only those compounds in the P027 project that contain the naphthalene sub-structure, AND have a purity between 80 and 90, AND were shipped before June 1, 2003, AND contain a value in the CYTOTOXICITY assay.

Project tab parameters:


Structure tab parameters:



  • To search with the Structure tab, a selection must first be made in the Projects tab. Results from the Structure tab search will meet conditions on the Structure tab AND will be a part of the selection(s) on the Projects tab.
  • To process a report on searches from the Assay tab, a selection must also be made on the Projects tab.
Basic Searching:

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Search Results:

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