ScienceCloud Release Notes - 2019 SP4

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2020 11:07AM PST

Summary: An overview of the latest enhancements and bugs fixed for ScienceCloud.

Release Date: December 13, 2019

Release Version: 2019 SP4

  • In Project Data Search Single View, the Calculated Physchem Property “Solubility” was renamed to “Log Solubility”.
  • In Project Data Entry, improved support of UTF-8 charset for the input fields.
  • In the Project Data Entry Interactive Reader Creation tool for assay results, a custom property that is mapped to all result sets can be excluded from specific result sets by setting a default value of <<EMPTY>> for that custom property for specific result sets from which that custom property should be excluded.
  • In the Project Data Entry Interactive Reader Creation tool, a feature was added that enables custom reader creators to specify the date format of dates in a submitted registration file.
  • In Project Data Entry a tooltip was added for custom properties to indicate the maximum allowed characters for a custom property.
  • In User Admin, a tooltip was added in the Invite User feature on the “Company” field to indicate the maximum allowed characters and a better error message will display if there is an issue.
  • In the Project Data Entry Interactive Reader Creation tool a default value can be set for custom properties. This change included a modification to the Interactive Reader Creation user interface in that the interfaces for setting default values has been separated onto a subsequent page following the page where registration file fields are mapped to ScienceCloud fields.
  • Added the QUMAS DocTransfer application.
  • Created assay result registration validation and chemistry registration validation Pipeline Pilot protocol templates.
  • Created new Pipeline Pilot Project Data Collection component “Validate Custom Properties” for use in Project Data Entry registration validation protocols for validating dictionary-based custom properties.
  • In the Pipeline Pilot Project Data Collection, enabled setting and retrieving a custom property's data format in dictionary-based custom property components.
  • In the Pipeline Pilot Project Data Colleciton, updated assay result unit components so that they output data properties indicating if the unit is a default timepoint unit, default dose unit, or default test unit.
  • Configured ScienceCloud to use two domain controllers instead of one, for redundancy.
  • Improved the MyQumas and DocCompliance application link so that when the user accesses those applications, the applications open in the language preference configured for the user.
  • In MyQumas, when the language used is eithe: Bulgaria, Romania, Serbian Cyrillic, Chinese Simplified or Traditional Chinese, the string involved with SAML e-signature will be in the correct language instead of English.

Bug Fixes
  • In the Project Data Entry Interactive Reader Creation tool, when a custom reader is given a name and saved, any whitespace is now trimmed from the beginning and end of the custom reader name.
  • In the Project Data Entry Interactive Reader Creation tool for entity data, fixed a bug that presented a Javascript error when attempting to load an existing custom reader with mapped custom properties.
  • In Project Data Search, the behavior of the structure window that opens when a structure from search results is clicked was changed. The new behavior is to not open the sketcher on double-clicking the enlarged structure.
  • In Project Data Entry, the menu choices on the ‘Add data to entities’ page was made consistent with other pages.
  • In Project Data Entry, fixed an issue to display proper warnings and error messages, if any, when updating batch information.
  • In Project Data Entry, fixed an issue preventing the registration of the same file attachment to multiple assay results.
  • In Project Data Entry, fixed an issue with assay result validation.
  • In Project Data Search, fixed an issue with removing SMILES when editing an entity.
  • In Project Data Search, fixed a bug where the Delete PK Graph Data drop-down menu item was cut off.
  • In Project Data Search, fixed a bug in the SAR Table where the sorting options for columns are not showing properly.
  • In User Admin, restricted the input fields Account/Login/Password to drop-down menu options.
  • Changed Experiments users/projects permissions management in ScienceCloud administration to align with the way it is done in Notebook Cloud.
  • In the Pipeline Pilot Project Data Collection, updated ScienceCloud Connection component to present a clearer error message and instructions to users of Authoring when they need to accept the sandbox environment's privacy policy.
  • In Project Documents, fixed an issue in legacy PK excel template which caused raw data to be loaded without attached PK data.
  • Fixed an issue related to adding attachments to a sample via API without chemistry update privilege.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the ability to grant a user access to the Sandbox Tester application in some rare circumstances.
  • In the Pipeline Pilot Project Data Collection, fixed the ‘Declare Properties are Custom Properties’ component to handle Unicode characters in custom property keys and values.
  • Fixed a bug in the Pipeline Pilot protocol publishing process from Authoring to Sandbox in which an error would be reported on Notebook (Experiments) Task protocol publishing when there was no validation error and when publishing was successful.
  • In Web Tasks, fixed a bug which was preventing access to the Web Tasks Help.
  • Fixed a bug that when using the integration section "Sample" in Experiments, the data source _Sample - Container_ wasn't returning results.
  • Fixed a Project Data Entry Interactive Reader Creation tool bug in which if a registration file field is mapped to ignore, and a ScienceCloud field of the same name is mapped to some other registration file field, this other registration file field and its mapping is ignored.
  • Fixed a bug causing single sign-on to Notebook Cloud to fail.
  • Fixed a bug preventing SAML e-signature when exporting multiple documents in MyQUMAS.
  • Fixed an issue where the anonymize option in ScienceCloud was affecting user details in DocCompliance.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented adding the Assay or Sample application to a team for a newer version of Discngine.
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