ScienceCloud Release Notes - 2019SP1

Last Updated: Jun 01, 2019 07:15AM PDT
Summary: An overview of the latest enhancements and bugs fixes for Project Data and Project Data Collection.

Release Date: April 5th, 2019

Release Version: 2019 SP1
Project Data

General Enhancements
  • Disabled browser auto-complete on inputs of the Forgot password? process.
  • Added the capability to export Notebook experiments.
  • Added more information in the application logs when SAML authentication fails.
  • Increased the size of the entity name field from 500 to 1000 characters.
  • Improved error message when SAML authentication fails and redirect the user to the ScienceCloud Website instead of the ScienceCloud login page.
  • Project Data Entry - standardized selection of default sample across project data.

Custom Properties Enhancements
  • Added the ability to add custom properties in Single Registration based on items predefined in the dictionary.
  • ​Defined custom properties show in separate sections/table columns in Single View instead of tool tips.
  • Defined custom property names can now be managed in dictionary administration.
  • Modified Project Data Entry interactive reader creation so that a custom property key is not required: if no key is provided, the custom property key will automatically be the name of the mapped registration file field.
  • Modified Interactive Reader Creation tool in Project Data so that registration file fields can be mapped to dictionary-based custom properties.
  • Project Data Search now allows for queries to search on defined custom property names and their values.
  • Users can now export the custom properties (including defined) to an SDF or text file from the Project Data Search result's export interface.

Registration Enhancements
  • Increased maximum number of results sets to 15 in the Project Data Entry interactive reader creation tool.
  • Provides a way for users to validate assay results using a pipeline pilot prior to registration.

Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed a bug in Project Documents indexing when files are deleted from Project Documents by a user.
  • Fixed a bug which was preventing users to access the public templates of a project despite having access to the project.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing SAML user to sign experiment in Notebook Sandbox when connecting to Sandbox through the "Sandbox Tester" app.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing to create or invite new user with access to the "Sandbox Tester" application.
Project Data Collection

General Enhancements
  • Added "Maximum" parameter to Entity Query using Molecule and Batch Query using Molecule to enable specifying the maximum number of data records to output.
  • Added option to registration components (e.g., Register New Batches) to ignore batch size set on ScienceCloud connection. Instead of sending the registration in multiple batches, this would send all records from a single registration as one single job showing up on Project Data Entry's My Registrations page.
  • Created new components interacting with dictionary-based custom properties.
  • Created new component Register Validated Job for sending a previously validated job for registration in Project Data Entry.
  • Created new connection component for connecting to Tagged Resources. A Tagged Resource is an entity that collects the information necessary to access a specific source of data, and hast a name or “tag” which can then be used by this new connection component as a key to look up this information when it needs to access the data.
  • Enabled Entity Query to recognize incoming data properties compound_scid, compound_id, and compound_tag.
  • Extended SAR Table export component to export Standard Deviation (SD) and Count (N) from SAR data.
  • Improved error handling of authentication in ScienceCloud Connection component when the ScienceCloud privacy policy has not yet been accepted.
  • Improved error handling and error reporting on assay result registration components.
  • Improved help text on the User Query component.
  • Modified component "Entity Query using Molecule" for more efficient processing. The parameters "Registered Before" and "Registered After" have been deprecated (hidden) and will be completely removed from the component six months after this release.
  • Updated Project Data Collection components to incorporate Project Data change allowing a maximum of 1000 characters in an entity name.
  • Update ScienceCloud Help article "Connect to ScienceCloud with Project Data Components" to include a note about how a protocol's cookie handling affects using more than one ScienceCloud Connection in a single protocol.  

Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed bug in Notifications where links to ScienceCloud objects such as Experiment ID's or Batch ID's were not working.
  • Fixed bug in error handling of ScienceCloud Connection component to prevent the creation of a connection global property.
  • Fixed Entity Query bug by disabling the Project and Batch Group ID parameters when any one of the Entity SCID, Entity ID, or Entity Tag parameter values are populated. This is because the Project and Batch Group ID parameter values are ignored if an Entity SCID, Entity ID, or Entity Tag is provided.
  • Fixed Oracle error on User Query (Admin) component when an Organization parameter value is provided.
  • Fixed bug with Create Monomer component where it could not handle incoming JSON node data
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