ScienceCloud EU General Data Protection Compliance

Last Updated: Dec 10, 2018 02:59PM PST
Summary: Make ScienceCloud compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with regards to capturing user's privacy data.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Privacy Policy

Links to the Privacy Policy have been published in both the footer of the ScienceCloud webpage and the ScienceCloud login page.

Footer of the ScienceCloud web page with the added Privacy Policy link:

Login page with the Privacy Policy link.

Privacy Policy Acceptance

New users must accept the privacy policy during account registration.

Additionally, existing users will be redirected to the privacy policy acceptance page upon login, as shown below.  The privacy policy must be accepted before the user can proceed to access and use ScienceCloud.

GDPR Right to be forgotten: fulfilled by user
An Anonymize me link allows the user to anonymize themselves in ScienceCloud.  This link is accessible from the user’s profile page.

When the user clicks the Anonymize me link, the user will be asked to confirm his/her anonymization.

Upon confirming, the following changes will be made:
  • First name changed to: “User”
  • Middle name: blank
  • Last name changed to: random number
  • Profile picture and LinkedIn link: removed
  • Request date: recorded in the database
  • Anonymization: cascaded to all ScienceCloud applications (except Experiments application)
  • Email: send to administrator(s) and to BIOVIA Data Protection Officer (DPO) who are allowed to keep track of data before anonymization
After the personal data has been anonymized, the user can undo anonymization by re-entering his/her personal data, such as first name and last name. 

GDPR Right to be forgotten: fulfilled by ScienceCloud Support
A user may request ScienceCloud support to process their account anonymization on their behalf. ScienceCloud support can anonymize a user from the User Administration interface. 
To anonymize a user, ScienceCloud support selects the user from the user list and clicks on the anonymize icon   to bring up the Anonymize window.  To proceed with anonymization, ScienceCloud support clicks the Yes button to confirm the change.

Team user permission administrators can also request ScienceCloud support to anonymize a user.
GDPR Re-Acceptance
A nightly process checks the privacy policy for last modification date. If the date changes, then all users must re-accept the policy upon logging in.
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