ScienceCloud Administration - Inviting Users in Users Administration

Last Updated: Dec 19, 2017 09:17AM PST

Team Administrators can invite new users to join their team using the Users Administration page. Please see the video below which demonstrates how to invite a new user to join a team.


1. To invite someone to create a ScienceCloud account and join your team, click “Invite User”.

  • Required fields are indicated with an asterisk.
  • Email addresses for users must be unique within your team.
  • If your user’s organization has configured SAML for single-sign-on authentication for its members and that user would benefit from that functionality, choose the SAML ID provider the new user will use. If you don’t see the SAML ID present, please contact ScienceCloud Support.
  • If your company restricts access to ScienceCloud based on IP addresses, choose the IP Pattern from the dropdown list. If you don’t see the correct pattern present, please contact ScienceCloud Support.
  • Applications used by your team will show in the Applications section – choose the applications necessary for this new user. A new tab or tabs will become available to set up permissions for each application.
  • Team Administrator Roles can be selected at this point as well – note that as soon as the user registers, Admin features will be immediately available. Team Permission Administrator gives the user Projects, Users and Groups Admin. Team Data Administrator gives the user Dictionaries and Assays Admin. Team Data Quality Manager gives the user access to the Data Quality Management component collection.
  • The “Copy from…” feature allows you to copy an existing user’s profile to this new user. You can choose Project Permissions, Application Permissions or both.
  • Switch to other application permission tabs to select specific permissions this user will require for these applications.
  • ​Once the user’s settings are complete, click “Save & Send Invite”.

2. The user will be sent an invitation such as this one. Invitation links expire after 48 hours. If a user fails to use the invitation prior to expiration, you will need to delete the original invitation and recreate it to send again.

3. The invited user will enter their new account information, on a page such as this, and submit to receive a token. Note that users must remain on the token page to complete their registration.

4. The token email, such as this one, will be sent to the user, which they will use in the token page. Note that tokens expire after 60 minutes.

5. If a token expires, the browser tab is closed for the token page, or the security token becomes locked due to incorrect typing, the original invitation email link can be used again to restart the process.
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