ScienceCloud Release Notes - October 2016 - SP8

Last Updated: Oct 29, 2016 10:26AM PDT
Summary: An overview of the latest features and bugs fixes for ScienceCloud on October 2016.

Release Date: October 28, 2016

Enhancements and Bugs Fixes
Release version: 4.2.10


In Biological Registration Web Service:
  • improved error message generated when the provided screener username does not exist
In Chemistry Registration:
  • added a feature for the user to download analytical files, and files attached to biological data
  • improved error message shown when a sample with biological data attached is deleted
  • improved the way we handle extra blank rows below data in uploaded registration text files
  • improved error message when attempting to disassociate multiple batches from a compound during an update
  • improved registration performance
In Project Admin:
  • added the ability to delete empty projects
In Project Data:
  • added resizable popup window for pKa images in Single View
  • added new sketcher option Biovia plugin (Note: requires an update of Chemistry Structure Drawing preference in User Profile)  
  • added expand and collapse buttons for easier navigation of available fields in Customized Export and Report
  • added the Donor physical-chemical property as a potential column in SAR table
  • the Open In menu now displays both team-specific protocols and globally available protocols in Search Results
  • updated Batch Details and Chemical Profile reports to display leading zeroes
In Project Documents:
  • added the ability to set email notification options at the project level that supersede folder level notification options for that project
  • improved error message that appears if the user clicks on an email notification link that points to a deleted document
  • improved error message shown when a user tries to delete a document without required permissions
  • improved error message when a biological registration template is uploaded to a Chemistry Smart Folder
  • improved the quality of the structure visualization by relying on the sketcher instead of a lower quality PNG image in Search Results
  • improved wording to indicate the number of matches hit in the returned file in Search Results
  • modified the help button to access Project Document help instead of the main general help page
In Single Registration/Edit:
  • added maximum character tooltip and length validation to the biological comment field
  • added tooltips to biological value field to display the complete value
In User Account Registration:
  • added a feature to retrieve a forgotten username
In User Profile:
  • changed Submit buttons to Save buttons for consistency purposes
Bug Fixes 

In Assay Admin:
  • fixed an issue where unselecting a filtered item also causes any selected items not matching the filter to be unmapped from the assay
In Biological Edit:
  • fixed an issue where the number of biological data points was shown incorrectly
  • fixed an issue where the user cannot edit comments
In Chemistry Registration:
  • fixed an issue where the user cannot add and edit a shipping record in the same session
  • fixed an issue where the tester is automatically reset to "unknown" when an update is performed
  • fixed an issue where updating and adding a new sample at the same time would cause the registration to fail
  • fixed an issue where registering subsequent batch in Single Registration screen would report a wrong compound ID
  • fixed an issue where the user can register batches with identical batch ids when no structure is present
  • fixed an issue where the user cannot set compound level data to blank during an update
  • fixed an issue where attempting to register assay results with file and no test value generates an error
  • fixed an issue where the user cannot register a batch when providing an analytical type file
  • fixed an issue which prevents removing all shipping data that are associated with a specific sample
In Dashboard:
  • fixed an issue where attaching a document to a comment would show the document tree with duplicate documents
  • fixed a bug which caused the biological registration notification to display incorrect counts
In Notebook:
  • fixed a bug to display the new experiment date using the time zone of the user’s system
In Project Admin:
  • fixed an issue where it was not possible to remove all team level permissions for a user
  • fixed tooltips on date fields to not display a max length value of infinity
In Project Data:
  • fixed a bug to prevent long tester names from overflowing the Biological Edit window
  • fixed filtering of assays displayed in the Biological Edit window when searching using test date and tester
  • fixed an issue where SCID fields were not cleared when clicking on the New Query button
In Project Documents:
  • fixed an issue where big files failed to register and displayed an unclear error message
  • fixed an issue to display the correct file size for files less than 1KB in Search Results
In Single Registration/Edit
  • fixed an issue where the Compound ID field would sometimes become non-editable
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