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Last Updated: Jan 31, 2016 06:22PM PST

Summary: New projects set up in Project Documents require the addition of folders for storing information. Folder setup tasks involve assigning a name and specifying the type of folder to create. After the initial setup, folder properties can be modified at any time.

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Folder Types

Project Documents can include folders that store files and URL contents. These standard folders are similar to the ones available in My Documents on a Windows computer. This type of folder can be added, renamed, and deleted at any time.

A special folder known as a "Smart Folder" can be added to Projects Documents. Smart Folders are designed to recognize the following file formats:  

  • Biology Smart Folders –Excel (.xls) files
  • Chemistry Smart Folders – Text (.txt) and SD (.sdf) files

Validation takes place automatically when these files are uploaded into Smart Folders. (An option is available to bypass validation if necessary.) 

Different icons are displayed after data is validated to indicate the status and to make it efficient to follow up, if there are warnings or errors, and the data is not valid for some reason.

Add Folders

To add a folder:

  1. Select an existing folder for adding a new subfolder to, and then click New Folder.
  2. Assign a folder name.
  3. Apply the type of folder to create:
  • Documents – Used for document storage, this is a designation to differentiate between Chemistry and Biology Smart Folders.
  • Chemistry Upload – For chemistry registration (SDF or text files).
  • Biological Data Upload – For biological data registration using Excel templates.
  1. (Optional) From the list of Email users, select the names of all users who should receive notifications whenever documents or URLs are uploaded to the folder.
  2. Click Save to add the new folder. 

Send Email Notifications on Folders

Any member of a project can be notified when documents, URLs and subfolders are added to a specific folder.

For Smart Folders marked as Chemistry Registration and Biological Data Upload, an email will be delivered after the file is validated. The email from the Smart Folder will indicate if the file is ready to upload or if anything needs to be fixed within the loaded file or template. After a file or template is registered, an email is generated to alert users of the upload status, and to provide information such as the number of records that were added, and if there were any issues with a template.

Email notifications can be set up when a new folder is added and when modifying folder properties later.

Remove Folders

Most users can only remove folders they created – not folders created by other project members, unless they have special permissions. Top-level project folders cannot be removed.

When removing a folder, all of its contents (subfolders and files) are also removed. Any files that need to remain in the project should be moved to other folders first.

To remove a folder:

  1. Select the folder/subfolder and then click Delete.
  2. At the prompt, click Yes to confirm removal.

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