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Last Updated: Mar 27, 2016 01:33PM PDT

Summary: How to find information in Project Documents by searching for text and structures.

A search box is displayed at the top of the Project Documents page. Use it to quickly find information for projects you have permission to access. Both text and structures can be entered as search criteria.


The specific information used in the search includes the following:

  • Filenames (including extensions)
  • File locations
  • Text within documents (title, abstract, body text)
  • Structures include all chemistry found in stored documents being present as an OLE structure or as a relevant chemical text (IUPAC name, INCHI string, chemical name, SMILES string)

Document Search works on both user-entered keyword text and structures in the following ways:  

  • Keyword search – Finds documents based on text entered in the search box. For example, type the keyword "malaria". All documents will be searched that have the title "malaria" (not case-sensitive) or where the document body contains the word "malaria".
  • Structure search – Finds structures based on the structure drawn in Pipette Sketcher.
  • Combo search (keyword and structure) – Finds both text and structures in the same document. For example, type the keyword "selective", and then draw a structure in Pipette Sketcher.

structure search1.png

structure search results.png

See Also: For more detailed information on the search feature, see the attached ScienceCloud Project Documents User Guide.


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