Configuring a Proxy for Pipeline Pilot

Last Updated: Oct 23, 2018 11:11AM PDT

Summary: This article explains how to configure Pipeline Pilot Client to work with a proxy server web connection.

If a proxy server buffers your Internet connection, then you need to configure the Pipeline Pilot Client to connect to a ScienceCloud server, or to any other Pipeline Pilot server running outside of your local network.

To configure the proxy server information, run the ProxyConfig.exe tool as an administration user. You can find this tool in the bin folder of your Pipeline Pilot Client installation. This utility displays a dialog interface that allows you to configure the details of the internet proxy server, including any authentication credentials required on the server.

Proxy Configuration Dialog

Select one of the following options:

  • Direct connection to the internet – Connects to the Pipeline Pilot server directly, without using a proxy.
  • Windows (Internet Explorer) proxy settings – This is a simple option where your computer-configured proxy setup is used. In many cases, if you already have your browser(s) configured for the proxy server, this option will notify Pipeline Pilot Client to use the same settings. If your organization is using an authenticated proxy, it is also necessary to define the proxy authentication credentials (described below).
  • Manual proxy configuration – For manually defining the required settings for your proxy server. Manual settings include the following:
    • Address – Specifies the server and port to use for accessing the proxy server. If the proxy server is running over SSL, select the HTTPS option for the address.
    • Bypass proxy server for local addresses – Keep this option selected, in the common case that the proxy server is not used when accessing a server within your local network. The proxy server is not accessed when going to the local server addresses of "localhost" and "" along with the private IP address ranges "10.", "192.168.", and "".

If the proxy server requires authentication, in addition to the settings above, fill out the authentication user name and password for the proxy. In some instances, your Windows credentials will be passed automatically to the proxy server and it is not necessary to to provide any explicit credentials.


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