Configure the Tasks App

Last Updated: Oct 01, 2018 05:38AM PDT

Summary: The Task app provides settings for adding and updating accounts and configuring app-related options such as task expiration and search history. A common use case is setting up the app to talk to different servers that you are accessing or different sets of protocols in different folder hierarchies on those servers. This article provides details on how to configure these settings.

Note: To create and publish tasks for use with the Tasks app, a personal ScienceCloud account is required. To get started, contact our support organization for assistance.

  1. Log into the Tasks app.
  2. Select Settings


Options include:

Option Description
Add Account Displays a form where you can add new account information (explained below in more detail).
Refresh Task Library Syncs your Task app with the latest apps published on the server connection for your account.
Task Expiration (Days) Specifies how long to keep task history results.
Version Displays information about the version of the installed Task app.
Clear History Clears the search history to pare down the list. Useful when you want to get rid of all the old tasks that were previously ran.

Adding an Account

It is not necessary to have a ScienceCloud account to run tasks in the Tasks app. A ScienceCloud Demo account is available for this purpose. It is automatically configured to work on your device when you install the Tasks app. You can also add an account and configure it to connect to a cloud or on-premise Pipeline Pilot server.

  1. Select Add Account to open the Accounts pane.
  2. Fill in the required information, including the server name and port. (See table below for details.)
  3. Set the value of Task Path to the path for the task root folder created by your Pipeline Pilot protocol developer.
  4. Save the account.​


Accounts Pane Options

Option Description
Name Name to create for your account. Typically, this is the name of the server you are connecting to.
Server Name of Pipeline Pilot server.
HTTPS Port Port number used by the Pipeline Pilot server.
Username Pipeline Pilot user name.
Password Pipeline Pilot password for authenticating login access to the server.
Task Path Complete name of the Task Root folder where the tasks you need to use are located on the server.

Installing the Tasks App

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