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Last Updated: Oct 10, 2015 04:52PM PDT

Summary: The ScienceCloud Tasks app is intuitive to use. This article provides a high-level overview of the Task app user experience.

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Task App Features

At the Tasks app Welcome screen, swipe to get started using the following app features:

Feature Icon
Tasks (home) mob_tasks_home_icon.png
History mob_history_icon.png
Settings mob_settings_icon.png

Note: The Tasks app features are explained in more detail below.

Selecting Tasks

The Tasks feature is your home page for selecting tasks to run in the app. All tasks that are available to you are organized into categories.


  • To view available tasks, tap a category.

Opening and Running a Task

  1. To open (select) a task, tap the task in the app.
  2. Specify any required settings.
    mob_tasks_app_open1.png mob_tasks_app_open2.png
  1. Click Submit.
    The results are displayed on your mobile device and look something like this:

Viewing Task History

Use the History feature to view protocol tasks that you previously ran on your device. It allows you to inspect the results and re-run the task with the option to modify the settings used previously.

If you run a task more than once with different settings, you can retrieve the specific settings for that date/time by opening it from the History pane. From here, you can select a task to open it, view the results that were generated previously, and re-run the task.


Updating a Task App Account

Use the Settings feature to update your Task app account. For further details, see Configuring the Tasks App.



Getting Started with the Mobile Collection

Installing the Tasks App

Configuring the Tasks App

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