Connect to ScienceCloud with Project Data Components

Last Updated: Jan 29, 2019 06:38AM PST

Summary: To execute a protocol on a Pipeline Pilot server, a user must authenticate as a valid Pipeline Pilot user on that server. Every time components from the Project Data collection or other collections using ScienceCloud resources connect to ScienceCloud, they have to authenticate using the credentials of a valid ScienceCloud user. The Pipeline Pilot user and the ScienceCloud user can be the same user or different users.

When developing protocols, ScienceCloud authentication can be fully handled by using the ScienceCloud Connection component available in the Project Data collection.

The ScienceCloud Connection component creates a string global property named after the value of parameter Connection Name. It can be passed between protocols to avoid subsequent connections in a cascade of protocols.

Parameters that reflect the key points to consider for ScienceCloud authentication within protocols include:

  • Connection Name – Select a name for the connection you want to establish. This name is reused on all other ScienceCloud components when referring to the connection.

    Tip: Keeping the default value ("ScienceCloud") for the Connection Name will make protocol development quicker. It is the default value used for most ScienceCloud components.
  • Target Server – The ScienceCloud server to which to connect. This parameter needs to be modified only if you are developing on your local Pipeline Pilot server. When developing directly on a ScienceCloud Pipeline Pilot server, leave the value as Default.
  • Team – The name of a team of which you are a member and to which you want access through this connection. If left blank, the latest team to which you were connected in the ScienceCloud web interface will be used.
  • Authentication Options – The simplest environment configuration for using Project Data components is one where both the Pipeline Pilot and ScienceCloud servers authenticate against the same Active Directory. This way, user and passwords are the same for both servers. (This applies when using one of the ScienceCloud Pipeline Pilot servers.)

    The ScienceCloud Connection component is flexible and supports different environments. The following authentication methods are supported by the Project Data collection:
    • Use Username and Password Parameters – Enter the username and password of a valid ScienceCloud user.
    • Use Pipeline Pilot Credentials – This is typically only used on ScienceCloud Pipeline Pilot servers, because it requires a Pipeline Pilot server that supports identical authentication. When saving protocols that use this authentication method, do not save the password with the protocol. This precaution prevents other users who run the protocol to access ScienceCloud using the credentials saved in the component.

      Note: When executed on ScienceCloud Pipeline Pilot servers, using Pipeline Pilot credentials is the preferred method of authentication. Using explicit values for Username and Password parameters is only required to cover use cases where some actions need to be performed under a different user identity than the one actually running the protocol.

  • Send Email Notifications – Set value to True to receive email notification of successful connection.
  • Performance Options – Parameters in this group allow fine-tuning of component behaviors, useful when addressing performance issues. These options only apply to components that support them (currently, Query and Register components in the Project Data collection). In particular, the Batch Size parameter is quite useful if you are experiencing timeouts.

Note: You can use more than one ScienceCloud Connection component in a single protocol. For example, you might use one ScienceCloud Connection component to connect to one ScienceCloud team, and later on in your protocol you might use a second ScienceCloud Connection component to connect to another ScienceCloud team of which you are a member. By default, Pipeline Pilot protocols have an implementation parameter "HTTP Cookie handling" set to "Protocol Scoped". If you do not change that paramete value to Disabled on the protocol's Implementation tab, the first ScienceCloud Connection component in your protocol will create a cookie that is used by the second connection: therefore, your second connection is in fact identical to the first one.


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