Project Data Collection - Overview

Last Updated: Oct 10, 2015 05:00PM PDT

Summary: The Project Data collection facilitates access to ScienceCloud Project Data content as well as integration between ScienceCloud applications in a development environment that is familiar to protocol developers.

Getting Started with the Project Data Collection

Using the Project Data components, developers can create protocols that access and retrieve chemistry and assay related data from ScienceCloud Project Data, and also register, update and upload data. Protocols can be run from Pipeline Pilot and other applications, such as Web Tasks, ScienceCloud Project Data, and the Mobile App.

By applying the same security and access rules as those used by native ScienceCloud clients, protocol users can only access information they are entitled to view.

The Project Data collection can also be installed on-premise on a local Pipeline Pilot server. This is the de facto-favored media for transferring data between your local systems and ScienceCloud in a bidirectional manner.

Use cases that can be implemented using the Project Data collection include:

  • Easy registration of chemical compounds from a local file or database to ScienceCloud Project Data.
  • Creating a specific dashboard based on ScienceCloud Project Data to be deployed through Tasks and ScienceCloud-specific mobile apps.
  • Creating a specific Export protocol for ScienceCloud Project Data.

From the Components tab, Project Data components are available in ScienceCloud\Project Data. The Data Types subfolder contains components that are useful for creating and manipulating all the fundamental data types in Project Data.

From the Protocols tab, example protocols for the Project Data collection are available in Examples\ScienceCloud\Project Data.


Data Types in Project Data

Project Data Collection Components

Project Data Collection Protocols
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