Location Input (Mobile) Component

Last Updated: Feb 04, 2014 11:49PM PST

Summary: The Location Input (Mobile) component allows developers to write a protocol that uses the location of the mobile device as input.

For example, a salesperson with the Tasks app is on the road and wants to see a list of the five (5) nearest customers to stop and visit. By running a task (Nearest Customers), a list can be generated that displays the relevant customer information (customized to only show customer data that the sales rep is authorized to access).

Camera input is illustrated using the Simple Location Input task in the developer examples. Start by running the task on a mobile device. Here are the steps:

  1. Activate your developer account (the account with Task Root set to "Protocols/Mobile/Developer").
  2. On the Home pane, open the Inputs category.
  3. Press Simple Location Input.
  4. When the Task Settings is displayed, press on the red Location setting.  The settings Latitude and Longitude are then displayed with your current location.


  1. Press Submit.
  2. The results should display a table with information describing your locale (in this case, the nearest address).

Location data can be combined with other settings to support recording comments as well as the place where those comments were submitted. For example, a task could allow a user to check-in every so often to update her status. Location information is the kind of novel input information that opens new possibilities for protocols that are no longer trapped in a static, server-focused, world.


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